Tipsy Tourist Slot Review

The Tipsy Tourist is an online slots game with 20 pay lines and 5 reels with a 3 by 1 reel grid. It was released in 2015 by Betsoft software providers, who based it on their company’s themed slot machines: “The Holiday Spirit” (themed after Christmas) and “Exotic Beach Resort.” The player can choose from three different levels– Starter, Medium/Hardcore gamer mode or Ultimate challenge for those looking to take risks!

How to Play the Tipsy Tourist

The Drinking Bonus Game

When Gary’s CEO gives him the assignment to go on holiday, he doesn’t want any of the typical vacay standards- Vacation is for lazy people! So instead, this hardworking guy spends his time in Miami partying with exotic dancers and betting at gambling tables. You follow along as he takes you through all aspects; various lucrative features can be enjoyed while playing The Tipsy Tourist Slots game… The symbol cupids frequently appear throughout both reels, which give special bonuses when matched. Pairing two together becomes more powerful than singly card symbols. Ordinary hopes become stars without lightsome even turning into planes.

Bonus Features

The Drinking Bonus Game

Sounds like a good time. You might want to try getting one on the first, second or third reel because those trigger bonus games where you have to guess what happens with coin flips correctly! The person who guesses wrong has their drink taken away from them if they do it too many times- sounds incentive enough for me I’m going all out here – I’ll just bet every dollar that there’s no way someone could know how this works without playing already…

Beachball Free Spins

The beachballs on the third, fourth and fifth reels will trigger a free spins feature with 8 exciting animations. Any wild sign that you land sticks throughout your spinning wheel for an additional round of fun!

Clingy Wilds

The wooden beach sign is a wild symbol that can replace any other non-wild symbols.

The Drinking Bonus Game

Double Up Game Features

The Double up feature is a great way to gamble your wins from the base game each time you win by clicking on “Double Up.” To get started, players must guess which card will be drawn correctly – red or black? If they fail, it’s back for more gambling, but if successful, they receive twice as much money!

Scatter Symbols.

Players get free spins when Beachballs show up on the reels. The game is about collecting these beachball-shaped items, which act as scatter symbols to trigger bonus rounds with an expanding jackpot!


To get started, you need to set the betting range by selecting between 0.02 and 1 coin size with a click of your mouse button – it’s easy! After that, all we have left are simple steps: choose how many coins per line ( BET+ lines )and which type or colour each symbol will appear on our reels. Then wait for any matching symbols…or wild ones if they’re lucky enough.

It is not uncommon to see high rolls in this game. A 97% RTP and 0-100 coin bets make it one of the most popular slot machines on Earth!

Winning With Your Tipsy Tourist Partner

The jackpot is fixed at $3,500. Matching five poker symbols will get you 375 coins, while plane tickets or shells and beautiful Miami women can award 750/1000 if they match Gary’s image! You’ll also have chances for higher prizes during free spins, where winning twice in a row increases your chance of victory even more so than before–and there’s no limit on how many times this happens until somebody achieves their ultimate goal: becoming “The King Of All Games.”

Play for Free

The Tipsy Tourist is a fun and easy-to-play slot game that can be played on your desktop, tablet or mobile device. The free demo allows you to experience all aspects of gameplay without risking any real money but if it’s something special like Christmas Eve, then why not give the full version a go!

Can I Count on a Tipsy Tourist?

The game is not to be taken lightly, as it can lead you on an exciting adventure with the promise of big wins! You have 0.02 coins minimum bet and up 100 coin maximum bid; this ensures that even if your bankroll isn’t full yet, there’ll always be some left over for when things get tight–or just perfect timing (depending upon how bets are going). The wild symbols make their appearance throughout all types except scatters, which seem rare at first glance but show themselves quite often during gameplay, thanks in part or whole to certain features like free spins rounds.